Club Name: Boise Brewers
Hometown: Boise, Idaho USA

Boise Brewers is a homebrew club serving Boise & Idaho's Treasure Valley. We are a group of home beer, mead, & wine-making enthusiasts, and we hold monthly gatherings to discuss the hobby and sample each others libations.

At each club meeting we discuss different aspects of home brewing. We advance our techniques and knowledge by sharing with the rest of the group.

Other Info:

We meet on the last Thursday of each month at a local craft beer venue. We frequently meet at Crooked Fence Barrelhouse, The Front Door or a local brewery.

We get together a few times a year for group brews.

For meeting details contact chris@boisebrewers.org.

If you would like to get on our mailing list, send an email to club-subscribe@boisebrewers.org.